Yamhalis Vineyard

10160 NW Oak Ridge Road
Yamhill, Oregon 97148

Neil Shaw with Jupiter Grapes Yamhalis Vineyard in Yamhill, Oregon, is the first larger acreage vineyard in western Oregon dedicated entirely to the Jupiter table grape cultivar. Jupiter, a hybrid released in 1999 by the Agriculture Department of the University of Arkansas is a large, semi-crisp seedless grape with a wonderfully aromatic muscat flavor. People familiar with grapes from around the world have come to name Jupiter as their favorite over all others. Jupiter vines are resistant to Phylloxera, are very cold hardy, have few insect pests, and are fungus resistant. No pesticides are used at Yamhalis because Jupiter is entirely capable of defending itself against seemingly all natural assailants. The Jupiter's shapely, deep blue clusters are beautiful in two pound grape bags. Jupiter is harvested at Yamhalis in mid-August.

Jupiter propagation material is available at Yamhalis Vineyard. Please email info@yamhalisvineyard.com or call Neil Shaw at
971-237-3662 for inquiries.

Jupiter Propagation Material
Jupiter cuttings $1.75 per each $85.00 per bunch of 50
Jupiter potted vines $15.00 per each $500.00 per tray of 36
Jupiter bare root $8.50 per each $400 per bale of 50
Yamhalis Vineyard

Jupiter Grapes Jupiter is patented by the University of Arkansas which assesses a $0.25 royalty per dormant cutting or potted or bare root vine. Royalties will be collected by our invoice and sent on to the University.

Yamhalis propagation dormant cuttings available Jan.-May, potted vines May -June, bare root vines Dec.-June.